Wandering free!

Hey fellow wanderers,

This blog was originally to share our travels, both the good and bad with friends and family back home (UK) but I always like to make new friends, so if you have accidently stumbled upon this, WELCOME!

So for those of you that are new to us, my names Christine and my partner is Dan, on the 14th September we took the plunge and both quit our full-time jobs to depart for new adventures. With our 1st ever stint being 4.5 months through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and ending in New Zealand. So excited!

We love taking photo’s and experiencing new things, so I’m sure there’s something here for everyone! There will be recommendations and ‘steer clear’ advises too and if they end up helping out a fellow wanderer, then fantastic! It’s also a record for us when returning to places.

Both me and Dan enjoy good music, tasty food, great company and gorgeous scenery.


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