Day 0 – Packing and re-packing….

13/09/17 – So today, the nerves are tingling but not yet fully hit, as we pack and re-pack our giant rucksacks ready for departing tomorrow, I’m not one to get nervous until the tyres of the plane have left the runway and we are truly setting off but those initial tingly nerves have started to set-in early for me as we compile all the travel stuff we have collected over the 2 years that we have been preparing for this into our giant rucksacks, mine being 65 litres and Dan’s 85 litres. the picture is of me trying on Dan’s half empty sack which even then dwarfs me. After finally squashing everything in we are restless in anticipation for tomorrow… Can’t sleep so go for a late night walk around the neighbourhood to calm ourselves. We finally fall into a restless sleep. Zzzzzz….

Dan’s half empty rucksack – day before we set off.

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