Day 1 – Today’s the day!

14/09/17 – After finally getting to sleep the night before, we woke up extra early to go into town to get some last minute bits and some much needed Thank you gifts, Dan’s parents very kindly put us up in their house for a generous 2 Months whilst we saved extra hard to help us save more before setting off. We know it’s not easy having not only your fully grown son back at home full time but package that with Girlfriend in tow, they where truly saints and deserved much more than we could afford to give them as a thanks. After getting those bits and bobs, we returned to them and Thanked them for everything they had done for us, they appreciated the gifts and sentiments very much.

We set off for the bus station with a lift from Dan’s parents to catch the bus to Heathrow airport where we would finally set off on our much anticipated adventures, after a very worried mummy (Dan’s, as he has never been on any long distance/time away from family) see pictures of her loitering by the coach door checking and double checking we had everything (so sweet) what was in store for us we never could have guessed….

After arriving nice and early for our flights we had a pre-drink to set the tone for our fourth coming adventures, toasting to our new found freedoms, after that at 20:00 we boarded a Cathay Pacific (CP) flight heading for Vietnam which was 12 hours until we would do a 3 hour stop off in Hong-Kong (HK)… The flight was great, excellent Service, with great food, free drinks 🙂 couldn’t recommend them enough!

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