Day 2 – Airports, Flights and Typhoons!

15/09/17 – We arrived in Hong Kong at 3pm, the originally planned 3 hr stop over ended up being 4.5 hrs. Typical!

The airport in HK is like Hogwarts with mismatching stairways to floating floors on varying levels, you have to go down a level to go up 2 but once you get through it all, the shops are amazing, there is even a two storey Rolex shop!

The next leg of our journey was with Cathay Dragon, they were no where near as good as Cathay Pacific. Service was average, the free meal tasted bland, they didn’t advise that special dietary requirements needed booking 24 hrs before, so the vegetarian next to me pretty much went hungry, as all they could give her was a basic tray with a small pack of not so nice cookies & a measly portion of fruit salad. We were due to take-off at 5:40pm, which ended up being 7:40pm because the runway was not clear.

So we landed at 9pm & after grabbing all our stuff, we set off in a private car to our hotel around 9:15pm. The driver of the car waited outside with sign in hand, he was a smartly dressed, polite, short man, who insisted on lifting our bags into the boot for us (he may have shrunk an inch or two, these bags were as big & definitely heavier than he was!) Although he struggled he tried his best not to show it, we could already feel how proud these people are! An impression that we would see grow over our time here. The car was nice & clean, he was a good driver but this was our first experience of all the crazy traffic. Watching the Scooters whizz passed – all too close – seeing some wincingly close calls & hearing horns everywhere, was a real eye opener for what was to come…

We arrived at ‘Lucky 3’ hotel at 9:30pm, in the middle of a Typhoon, the Bellboy ran out with umbrellas for us & took our bags straight up to our room, the room was nice & clean, the bed was a bit hard (we would soon learn that’s how they all are), due to the heavy rains our wifi wouldn’t work, was probably a good thing as we were so jetlagged we just Zonked out. Zzzzz….

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